Plan-It Management, LLC offers consulting and management services designed to meet the needs of professionals in the fields of property and parcel management, development design and permitting management, facilities management and franchise management.

Plan-It Management meets the unique property/facility-management needs of businesses of all kinds. Entirely web-based, Plan-It's innovative system puts all the tools at your fingertips—anywhere in the world—to meet your project-
management, database, scheduling and reporting software needs. Take your efficiency, productivity and profitability to the next level with Plan-It Management.

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Property and Parcel Management

There is a lot more to property than
just the ground you see. Property data and related documents can be costly
to prepare, and are essential to fully
understanding the value and potential of a property. Plan-It Management is a robust system that meets the unique needs of property owners and real-estate professionals. The Plan-It system not only stores property data and documents, but it can also track projects, tasks and provides accountability for their completion. By providing a web-based central
database and a single, central repository for documents, the Plan-It system provides access to your data
with the click of a mouse—via any internet connection.

Development and Design Management

Design and development take a great amount of effort from many different sources. From the earliest feasibility study through occupancy, many tasks are required for the completion of a project. For development and design professionals, this leads to the question of how to effectively and efficiently manage these tasks along with those to whom the tasks are assigned. The Plan-It Management system has taken years of project management, development and design experience and customized a system that meets the needs of development and design professionals. The Plan-It Management Development and Design system provides the ability to track tasks, schedules, assignments and costs and as well as all of their supporting documentation in one system that is designed for collaboration and accountability. The system provides real-time status updates and personalized reporting that improve
efficiency and work flow while providing a central database to store project data and documentation for future use and reference.

Facilities Management

Facilities come in various shapes and sizes, and so do the solutions for managing them! Facilities management is the art of juggling tasks and the resources necessary to complete them, whether managing individual room usage, building leases, maintenance requests, documents or other facilities data, the Plan-It
Management system can lighten the load of facility management professionals. By providing a central database with the information for all of the resources within a campus or property, the Plan-It Management system provides easy access to task
data, schedules and supporting documentation from any location
with an internet connection. The system can also track maintenance and use requests. By automating the process, the system increases efficiency and
promotes accountability not only to the completion of a task, but also to the time and resources spent. Personalized reporting provides specialized data
that can track pertinent data and can be automated to provide instant reporting to facilities managers.

Franchise Management

Franchises are unique, and require
unique management solutions.
A franchise’s business model and its supporting management systems are essential to achieving a successful brand, because they shape current and potential franchisees’perceptions of the brand’s strength. Plan-It Management offers personalized data-management solutions designed to support the franchisor and provide strength to the franchise brand. The Plan-It system provides a convenient and accessible database to track and store franchisee documents including franchise agreements, lease documents and site data. In addition, Plan-It provides a centralized, easy access system for storing critical documents. The system combines the best aspects of project-management, database, scheduling and reporting software to provide a tailored and comprehensive management system.

Custom Business and Organizational Enterprises

From the moment you call Plan-It Management, your needs are our top priority—you are our focus! We take the time to listen to you, learn about your organization and develop solutions that are customized to your organization’s goals. Our goal is to get to know you and your organization so that we can provide solutions that increase your productivity and lower your overhead cost. We undertake an initial needs assessment to ensure that your organization receives the types of services needed while not overwhelming your staff, or overcomplicating your processes. Once we have mutually determined that a customized system is right for you, we embark on a process of “programming.” In other words, we find out more about your specific needs. This process includes understanding your internal processes, data-management needs and company goals, among other important traits. The result of this programming process is a roadmap for designing customized solutions and reports that will meet your business and organization’s needs. Once the solution is designed, we manage the entry of current data into the system and provide training for key staff on how to use the system.